Guide to Hypnotherapy & Finding Qualified Therapists in Edinburgh

This site is for people in the Edinburgh area who are interested in learning about hypnotherapy. Whether you have questions about hypnosis and the trance experience, want to know how hypnotherapy could help you, or want a recommendation for a hypnotherapist in the city, we should be able to help.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis (plus related therapeutic techniques such as NLP) to cure or control problems such as smoking, stress, overeating, phobias and compulsive behaviour.

The reason effective hypnotherapy so often produces lasting change is that these are all problems which are controlled by unconscious learned behaviour. Hypnosis allows the hypnotist to put the client in trance and work directly with the unconscious mind - where the root of the problem lies. And this allows the therapist to create quick and painless changes in the client's life.

Why does therapy sometimes fail?

There are a number of reasons why hypnotherapy can fail.

Firstly - and this tends to happen most with people who try to stop smoking - if you don't actually want to quit, then the behaviour is unlikely to change. So, while a capable hypnotherapist can often help the client find reasons why he should change, unless this motivation is there, success is unlikely.

Secondly, there are both good and bad hypnotherapists out there, so it's important to pick a good therapist if you are going to try hypnosis.

However, if you are highly motivated and are working with a competent hypnotherapist, you should expect to see the changes you want.

Choosing an Expert Hypnotherapist

There are many highly qualified hypnotherapists in Edinburgh. But, with hypnotherapy, it often makes sense to pick a therapist who specialises in helping people who have the problem you wish to solve. This is particularly true if you want to quit smoking or lose weight.

If you click the relevant item in the left-hand menu, you'll find the names of recommended Edinburgh hypnotherapists for the change you wish to make.